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QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis)

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) is a muscle technique to assess nutritional status and initiate the body's innate healing ability. This is a simple yet profound diagnostic testing method that is relatively new, yet based on ancient knowledge. This may be the most interesting tool of alternative medicine for alternative health.

QRA is a simple but profound way of understanding the body. It utilizes science from kinesiological testing in the form of the Bi-Digital O Ring test the energy meridians as defined by ancient Chinese medicine. When you are in full health, the unique electrical frequencies of your various organs and glands harmonize. The entire collection of electrical frequencies is called your body's biofield. When your body is weakened through stress, disease or any other way, the electrical frequency changes and that can be measured using QRA. Once measured, the body can also determine what vitamin, herbal or mineral interventions would be best to help it based on the electric frequency of the suggested nutritional products.

To accomplish healing you must first understand the working of the magnificent hierarchy of the body's innate functioning bio-matrix – how the body's QEB interacts and controls all body systems – and how you can work in harmony with this quantum biofield anatomy, not against it. We are 99.9999% energy so it only makes sense that true healing can best take place in the quantum energy biofield.

Once the individual’s basic problems are identified (the root cause of an illness— not just the expressed symptoms) the recovery can be rapid. For just about any health issue, QRA is an excellent tool for rapid recovery.


  • A comprehensive health approach for the entire body, leading to both correction of the immediate problem and long-term wellness utilizing your body's innate healing potential
  • Immediate, patient-specific assessments
  • A way to determine the optimum dosage of each nutritional formula suggested
  • Clearing the body's biofields of any interference

Many times, the individual's biofield is blocked due to past physical trauma such as scars from surgery or accidents. These scars or other traumas effectively "short circuits" the healing energy flow through the biofield. An organ or gland may be weakened by various maladies. Some of these stressors are parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metal or environmental toxins. There can also be interference fields due to physical trauma such as scars from surgery or accidents. Once these short circuits are identified and cleared, the meridian flow is able to return to normal and the organs and glands are then strengthened.

Without addressing the fact of chaos in the individual's biofield, the patient may require large amount of supplements that may not control their symptoms. Once the problematic organs and/or glands are identified using QRA, the biofield cleared of any interference, the patient can expect to take far fewer supplements, but receive greater results since their body's bio-absorption has been enhanced.


A QRA session does not reveal disease. You may have uncomfortable symptoms that you want to go away or you may have already been diagnosed with a particular disease. A QRA analysis will immediately show you which particular organs or glands are weak, giving you the physical problems you are dealing with. Once your biofield is restored to normal, your body will be able to effectively bring you back to optimal wellness.


QRA is a one-of-a-kind, effective modality which tests the bio-energetic status of the body's key organs and glands using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. During a session, the practitioner will test specific points on the body's surface using the "O ring method" to determine the energy flow. The O-ring test indicates a strong or weak read depending on the energy flow.


QRA allows me to understand what could be a positive nutrient for my body. Trough this unique muscle testing technique we are able to discern the amount of supplements needed in order to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance of that particular organ or gland.


An Interference Field (IF) is an area of the body that has been previously traumatized either from an old scar, whiplash or accident. Even though a trauma may have occurred years ago and is no longer noticeable, it can still act like a powerful short circuit that blocks the body's natural energy flow to a specific organ or gland.

Founder of QRA, Dr. Bob Marshall, states: "Once your active Interference Fields, the 'short circuits', in your biofield have been erased through QRA, the body can return to its ideal cellular resonance and most ideal health."


It's the rare person who doesn't. Interference Fields are quite common and are seldom considered in most practitioner evaluations. It is not unusual to find that the root cause of many health issues is due to hidden Interference Fields. QRA can swiftly identify them and eliminate them so the cause of the illness can be cleared away in order to allow the body to heal. Take the example of a hose with a kink. The water can't flow through the hose unless the kink (or interference) has been fixed. Interference Fields can cause a cascade of health issues.


Most supplements, believe it or not, test toxic. Premier Research Lab products are EXCIPIEN FREE. They contain no toxic tagalongs like magnesium stearate, fillers, or dyes. Over time, those things can destroy the DNA. Chances are the products you are using may not be utilized by your body. Our testing can prove it to you. Our clients are pleasantly surprised when they start on our pure natural supplements. Never before had they seen a difference in their energy.

Dr. Marshall has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that tests every product that is sent to his lab. Whatever tests toxic is immediately sent back to the manufacturer.

Dr. Marshall uses only herbs and products from parts of the world that are free of pollutants. This also applies to cosmetics and supplies that we use in cleaning. There's a lot of hype out there and competition and rationalization why one company's products are better than the next. Most of them are not good for us. Instead of lamenting the thousands of dollars that we threw away, it's best to move on and open up to a cleaner, healthier way of living. The best place to be is in a state of knowing. Let us teach you how to test products and make better choices.


The body has the ability to heal itself given the right component. If you have been struggling with your health it is time to seek new modalities, this could be the answer for you.
  • Sometimes just eliminating Interference Fields can change a person's life
  • Sometimes addressing geopathic stress
  • Emotional blocks
  • Nutritional support

"I would never tell you not to go to a doctor, if you feel you have a disease, it is appropriate to go to a medical doctor. But if a doctor can not identify or solve your problem, it is prudent to believe there may be another solution. And that solution may be energetic." - S.Lewis & E.Slawson


Did you know that a tooth infection can prevent you from getting well? A tooth infection can not be overcome on its own. The infection (or cavitation) needs to be cleared. In standard dentistry often the dentist will inject the site, they don't realize that the injections are causing scar tissue and may be creating a new Interference Field.

QRA testing can identify dental areas of concern to assist the dentist with your dental care. We get great results using dental clay to help decrease the infection, which allows the dentist to have a cleaner field to work in and to eliminate the interference field.

Did you know an infection or problem with one of your front teeth could cause a problem in your gonads or prostate? People who try everything to get well usually don't have a clue that the problem is coming from their mouth.

Invest in yourself. Embark on a new learning experience – an open mind opens new doors that can enhance the quality of your precious life.
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