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What is Good Health?

The 1-Minute Good Health Quiz

Good Health can be assessed from a combination of physical and emotional indicators. Check each box that currently applies to you, and click the button at the bottom to view your results!
A feeling of energy is available throughout the day
A youthful and age-defying physical appearance is evident
Sleep comes easily and lasts until morning
There's a feeling of being refreshed upon awakening
Digestion is comfortable
Energy is present after meals
Elimination is regular and effortless
The skin is clear and has a radiant glow
The hair has a glossiness and shine
Illness is rare and departs quickly
The mind is clear and alert
A wide range of activities can be enjoyed
There's a feeling of being challenged without feeling overwhelmed
The body is toned and flexible
A comfortable weight is maintained
The eyes are shiny and clear
There's a feeling of gratitude
Emotions are stable
Sexual energy is balanced
Joy, laughter and happiness are experienced daily
Relationships are enjoyable, supportive, meaningful and fulfilling
There is a strong sense of purpose to life
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